Plant Killer is a handmade soap, made with coconut milk.  Coconut milk makes a wonderful gentle, vegan soap.  This soap is extremely gentle on skin.


 I love having house plants, but they don't love me :(  This soap is for all the plant lovers who have trouble keeping their indoor plants alive.  If your plant babies die, you can at least have this soap.



The scent for this soap is a combination of green clover and aloe plus a dash of freshly turned black soil.


This soap is colored with rose kaolin clay and green oxide.


-Coconut Milk
-Detergent free
-Sulfate free
-Petrochemical free
-Paraben free



Scent: Green Aloe and Clover plus a dash of freshly turn black soil.

Ingredients: Olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk, sodium hydroxide, castor oil, green oxide, rose kaolin clay and fragrance.

My soap recipes are designed to create a long lasting hard bar that has a fluffy and bubbly lather in the bath.  

Bars are hand cut  - 5+ oz.  


This listing is for one bar.


Soap is wrapped in 100% biodegradable packaging.


**This is a handmade product: Each soap is unique and individual- like a snowflake!  I try to make each bar the same every time, but they are hand made, so   The swirl, color and design will vary slightly from bar to bar.  ** 


To view this soap being made by hand please visit

Plant Killer Soap - Vegan, Coconut Milk

  • To view this soap being made by hand please visit

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