Salty Peacock beer soap (formerly known as Peacock Bock).  Made with Schell Beer, brewed in Minnesota.  This soap is made with a German Bock, which is a strong lager 
We named this soap Salty Peacock for the famous Schell brewery peacocks that wander in the brewery grounds. 

The beer in this soap adds important skin softening enzymes to the lather.  The beer also  dramatically increases the amount of bubbles in the soap lather.  Beer soap does not smell like beer, so even if you wash with beer, you won't smell like beer!

A dash of sea salt adds skin purifying properties. 

- Vegan
-Detergent free
-Sulfate free
-Petrochemical free
-Paraben free

Scent: This is a very fresh, clean marine and sea salt scent.  A favorite of men and women, so if you have to share your soap - pick this one!  Everyone likes a clean scent.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Minnesota brewed beer, coconut oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, oxide and mica colorants,kaolin clay and fragrance oils.

Bars are hand cut and weigh 5+ ounces.  


Individually wrapped in biodegradable cellulose packaging.

Salty Peacock - Beer Soap


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